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Youth Ministry

Singles Ministry


  • To provide a forum for CA-Bethel Singles to understand and practice purity and sanctity of life in relationships and courtship and to groom them on the principles and practice of successful and godly marriage.
  • Secondly, to teach singles how to express their spiritual gifts and talents in ministry.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To work intimately with the LORD, living in accordance with the WORD of God and fulfilling the vision of the CA-Bethel Fellowship church.
  • To become more divinely connected with God individually and as a group 
  • To promote evangelical activities among youths and children in our immediate environment
  • To become a more viable and functional ministry within BFC, Atlanta, GA
  • Establish a productive and efficient ministry structure.
  • Initiate proper programming on a consistent basis. 
  • Make efforts to familiarize members with each other.
  • To spearhead church departments, exclusively managed by the Singles Ministry (College Campus Ministries and BFC Mentoring Program)
  • To continue to promote the range and effectiveness of the Mentoring Program.
  • To support the youth and the children ministry through service, modeling, counseling, and prayer

a)Youth/Young Adult Ministry

  • Lead Bible Study on topics agreed on with ministry leaders.
  • Model Christian behavior and integrity
    Serve as a resource to the youth and young adults needs from experience. Example: Host a College Day on a Saturday to help with SAT Prep, college applications and college essays

b) Children’s Ministry

  • Rotate voluntarily service to Children’s Ministry on Sundays
  • Increase familiarity with children at BFC, Atlanta, GA through suitable programming. Example: Have homework tutorials on Saturday at the church site

Expectations from the Singles

  • To be active members in the ministry, willing to take the initiative and fully participate.
  • To contribute to a monthly dues system, as set by the executives, to generate funds for the ministry
  • To respect each member and voice any suggestions and/or grievances in the proper manner
  • To be spiritually accountable by living a life that advertises Jesus Christ everywhere and at all times.